Become a Showstopper

Dance. Perform. Compete.

Our competitive dance company here at BJSD is audition based and geared towards the dancer seeking a more extensive training schedule and deeper commitment to dance education. The Showstopper team competes annually in regional dance competitions, participates in national dance conventions and performs at local events and venues.

The company has six training levels based on both age and ability, they are:
Elite (trains 5+ hours per week)
Premier (trains 5+ hours per week)
Headliner (trains 4+ hours per week)
Star (trains 4+ hours per week)
Doll (trains 2+ hours per week)
Pixie (trains 1+ hours per week)

There are two opportunities to audition for the Showstopper team each season. For updates about dates/times for those auditions, please see below. Have a specific question? Email us directly at [email protected]